We need to talk about Sanchez!


I  have just the one client today, Henry a web designer. I visit him once a month and we have a good natter about the football. But there’s a lot riding on today’s visit!

Last november we were talking about Alexis Sanches the Arsenal striker and his possible move to Man City. Henry feels it was inevitable, i wasn’t so sure. So we had a bet. Henry backed Sanchez to go to city or united, I on the other hand went for chelsea or spurs.If he goes abroad the bet is void, if Henry wins, ill do his shoes for nothing for a year, if i win , he pays double.Risky I know, but here’s why i’m onto a winner.

City don’t need him, there more than equipped up front and they have now pulled back from the deal. United, well their the bookies favourite but it means a move from the capital.

Chelsea on the other hand have a knack of grabbing united prospects from under their noses and can certainly afford his wage demands and need a bit of a mid season lift.But my favs are Spurs, I know what your thinking, dave’s lost the plot, but hear me out. Spurs have been transformed in the last couple of seasons and on top of that they have kept their best players away from the top clubs in Europe. But they need to strengthen and Sanchez would fit the bill. It would send a shock wave through the premiership of spurs intentions. Add to that the relations between sanchez and Arsenal are rocky to say the least. By going to spurs he would be sticking two fingers up to Arsenal and instantly becoming a spurs legend.

If spurs can reach his wage demands which to be honest will probably be met by shirt sales, sanchez would be mad not to move across London.

Aqua De Blue Stratos.


So I was in a coffee shop in town today and I get a call from a company that supplies Apprenticeships, now this guy wont give up. I try telling him that I dont need anyone and the business is so slow hows the kid going to learn anything. The salesman says dont worry about that, you get a free worker and it wont cost a penny , in fact we will pay you to take one on.

As the guy carries on I notice an elderly Gent passing the coffee shop and I think I recognise him. He reminds me of a guy I met when I used to have a chair in Harvey Nichols In Manchester city centre. I was in the After shave dept, its probably called something else but you know where I mean. One of the sales people was this gent, impeccably dressed and well spoken, he started telling me about after shaves and which would suit me best. Now this was no ordinary sales pitch, after all I was getting it free from management. I stood there trans fixed at this guys knowledge of all things cologne. He opened bottles and taught me how to look out for certain aromas and what they each ment and added to that particular brand. How long each would last and what this would tell other people about myself. He was a true master.

To bring down back to my level, I tend to use anything I get for xmas and even still buy Blue Stratos from the pound shop, but on this day I choose Aqua De Parma and believe me this stuff is fantastic, expensive but fantastic.


Going back to the coffee shop and my Latte and the phone conversation. This is the kind of guy an apprentice needs to work with , someone who can pass so many years of knowledge and passion, a true expert in his field and a very nice Gent to go with it.

So if your thinking of looking for some different type of after shave try this guy out, he knows his stuff and I will always send clients to people who know their stuff.


The SLOW lane.


Running a business is an emotional roller coaster at times. When we started the business I was 51 so I thought i’d be prepared for anything. The hard work and sometimes long hours is as they say “water off a duck’s back” to us. It makes it easier if you enjoy what your doing of course. The other side of the business,  is marketing and pricing which can be fun as well.

Waiting for a quote to be accepted used to be traumatic for me as I seem to work on a different time scale to everyone else, as i want an answer back within the hour. I would pace up and down the kitchen , smoking like a chimney and spending the money in my head.Times have changed, now we put in a quote and see how it plays out. Ill often go onto another project to keep my mind away from business and check emails at the end of the day.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get disappointed, but i now know that business works at a slower rate than me and that the work does come in. It helps to have Teresa as my partner as she has taught me to slow down my thought process and just carry on with the day.  I have learnt to moveover to the slow lane!

Use of Time.


Plenty of time this month to push on or at least start with new projects. As you can imagine , not much business going on at the moment, being January and everyone hanging on until the end of the month. Weve bedded in at the office at home and sending out emails and calls to get business in for Feb and conference season. This gives me some time to get on with some other stuff around the house. It also gives me the opportunity to start writing. I think if I did a book about the life of a Shoeshine it might sell, may even earn more cash than the business…lol.

Another thing i’ve wanted to do for some time is to write a screenplay, I have a few ideas so maybe start on them. Especially as the days are short and there’s nothing on the tv. If we watch tv it tends to be Netflix and we like to get stuck into a good mini series. Binging on one for the weekend. We do watch some tv but stick to a few shows, one of my favourites is Grand designs, which i’m going to blog about next week sometime and why its important to me.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and a special thanks to tsreboots and Lancashire lad for following me here on WordPress.

Do something.

Hi, Hope you are all well and back in work , looking forward to do good business this year. We are too but January is a slow month for us, never much work so you can get a bit disappointed with where you and your business are heading, happens every year,

This year is slightly different as we are much more active on social media so we’ve decided to put out a lot more content across different platforms. Blogging,Podcasting and Vlogging. Two reasons well actually three,

  1. To get our Brand out on as many media as we can.
  2.  So it’s easier for you decide how you want to receive our news.
  3. Content is King, or was that just last year, everything moves so fast.

So this will keep us busy , either that or do some decorating.sm1

First blog post

Hi, thanks for stopping by. Trying to get a hold of this blogging stuff atm, but will give it my best. This Blog is  about the more  personal side to my business. From meeting new clients and visiting new Buildings. Hope you find it interesting and even funny at times. We have a wide range of people who use our services  and we have visited most of Manchesters iconic buildings.