The SLOW lane.


Running a business is an emotional roller coaster at times. When we started the business I was 51 so I thought i’d be prepared for anything. The hard work and sometimes long hours is as they say “water off a duck’s back” to us. It makes it easier if you enjoy what your doing of course. The other side of the business,  is marketing and pricing which can be fun as well.

Waiting for a quote to be accepted used to be traumatic for me as I seem to work on a different time scale to everyone else, as i want an answer back within the hour. I would pace up and down the kitchen , smoking like a chimney and spending the money in my head.Times have changed, now we put in a quote and see how it plays out. Ill often go onto another project to keep my mind away from business and check emails at the end of the day.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get disappointed, but i now know that business works at a slower rate than me and that the work does come in. It helps to have Teresa as my partner as she has taught me to slow down my thought process and just carry on with the day.  I have learnt to moveover to the slow lane!


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