Use of Time.


Plenty of time this month to push on or at least start with new projects. As you can imagine , not much business going on at the moment, being January and everyone hanging on until the end of the month. Weve bedded in at the office at home and sending out emails and calls to get business in for Feb and conference season. This gives me some time to get on with some other stuff around the house. It also gives me the opportunity to start writing. I think if I did a book about the life of a Shoeshine it might sell, may even earn more cash than the business…lol.

Another thing i’ve wanted to do for some time is to write a screenplay, I have a few ideas so maybe start on them. Especially as the days are short and there’s nothing on the tv. If we watch tv it tends to be Netflix and we like to get stuck into a good mini series. Binging on one for the weekend. We do watch some tv but stick to a few shows, one of my favourites is Grand designs, which i’m going to blog about next week sometime and why its important to me.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and a special thanks to tsreboots and Lancashire lad for following me here on WordPress.


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